The Zombies Have Arrived

Well it has finally happened. Zombies have infiltrated the network here at Big John’s Photography, and as such things have gone a little bit insane! You can view the zombie photos HERE If you want your picture that you see, I am offering 2 options to you: 1. If you want your free copy, simply […]

Zombie Metal Night Photos Are Coming Soon!

What a fantastic time at Zombie Metal Night. I think that was one of the best turn outs to a metal night I have seen, and fantastic to see how many people were able to get their zombie going. If I took your picture, and you are reading this, you have come to the right […]

Zombie Metal Night at The Abbey Pub

Many of you know that I frequent Metal Night at the Abbey Pub, an event held on the last thursday of every month. Some of the best metal bands in town play here on this night and I highly encourage you to come check it out and have your ear drums thrashed. With Halloween coming […]

Our Portrait Portfolio is now online!

The title says it all, some of our portraits are now up in the portfolio section, so make sure you check it out, and contact us to schedule a session. Also, as a side bonus, even more live shots from shows are posted. Enjoy!

When We Ruled H-Town – Showcase Number 2

Early last week I was contacted by Mark at Crossroads Music Magazine, he wanted to know if I would be interested in helping him out Friday for the second installment of When We Ruled H-Town at Fitzgeralds. I checked the calander and thankfully I had a free schedule, so I checked out what the deal […]

Slowly But Surely… Images are on their way!

I have been working hard at getting the image galleries up, my portfolio up, and various other elements of the new website. So I am happy to say that my tear sheet portfolio is currently up to date. So check it out. I also have one gallery up of Kleos, a killer band that is […]

Our mailing list, are you on it?

Big John now has a mailing list. Why should you care? From time to time, we run special promotions. Some of these run on FaceBook, some will run directly here on the website, and some will run through an the mailing list. Here is a secret, our best deals, specials, giveaways… they are coming through […]