Benefit for Houston Underground Radio’s Hillary Marek

I am proud to announce that I am donating a photography package to the silent auction for Hillary Marek and the benefit that will be happening on Sunday March 18th 2012. I hope that you will able to attend the show, its sure to be great music, great friends and a great time. On Jan. […]

Concert Photography Black Friday Sale

Have you seen me at one of your shows? Do you want your photos but haven’t contacted me yet? Now is the time! Starting today, Thanksgiving through the end of the weekend I am giving away the photo sets of your band for over half off. That’s right, get your pictures for the low price […]

A Hiatus, from Live Music

The end of the year is winding down, and it’s been a bumpy ride for us here. I imagine you have notice my absence lately at a lot of events. The bad news: I will not be out shooting shows like I had been previously. I love doing it, have meet some amazing people and […]

The Zombies Have Arrived

Well it has finally happened. Zombies have infiltrated the network here at Big John’s Photography, and as such things have gone a little bit insane! You can view the zombie photos HERE If you want your picture that you see, I am offering 2 options to you: 1. If you want your free copy, simply […]

Zombie Metal Night at The Abbey Pub

Many of you know that I frequent Metal Night at the Abbey Pub, an event held on the last thursday of every month. Some of the best metal bands in town play here on this night and I highly encourage you to come check it out and have your ear drums thrashed. With Halloween coming […]